2022-AGM and Nominations

One of the major functions that occur at our Annual General Meeting is the election of the board of directors for the coming year.
As we won't have the two-year terms in place we will be looking to elect individuals for a period of one year.  The executive of the board consists of President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  WLMHA also runs with directors at large with the maximum and best make up having 9 directors.  These directors will be assigned portfolios by the President of the association once the new board is voted in and they get a chance to meet.
As Mike Rispin is stepping down after 13 years of service on the WLMHA but will remain on as past president, he has agreed to serve as the nominations chair for this year's AGM.
If you'd like to submit a nomination for the upcoming WLMHA Board at the link the website:  Board Nominations Link
Your nomination should include:
Name (First and Last)
Position - for the 9 directors positions simply put Direct at Large not a specific portfolio.
Phone number and or personal email of nominee - this will be used to confirm they accept the nomination.
Nominees that confirm acceptance in advance will not be required to be at the AGM, if they have work or other commitments that prevent it.
PLEASE NOTE - Those existing board members that wish to remain on the board may send their intentions to the nominations committee or state their intentions at the AGM.
Nominations will also be accepted from the floor of the AGM, but having a slate of candidates in advance of the AGM is always preferred.
Thanks in advance.
Mike Rispin, Dustie Coombs, and Chris Ford (Presidents of the current WLMHA board)